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Building and Maintaining Good Client Relationships


Creating a good relationship with your clients is not only important, but necessary in order for the business part of the partnership to go smoothly.  Maintaining the relationship may get difficult at times, but it’s up to you to keep things positive, and moving towards closing on a home. Communication, honesty and providing resources are just three things you need to use to build and maintain good rapport. 

A real estate agent should almost over-communicate.  This is especially imperative for the first-time buyer or seller.  When you begin a task, let them know the approximate timeline, and if it’s more than a couple of days, send them an assuring message that everything is going well. In the case that they have initiated contact, get back to them as soon as you can.  Keeping them in the know is comforting to an anxious client, and helps build their trust in you.

Integrity is the most important characteristic for a real estate agent. Sure, you want good business and earn a paycheck, but your clients’ interests should come first.  Sadly, being honest can sometimes cost you business, but if it means compromising your ethics, the truth will just have to hurt,. When your reputation is one of transparency and doing what is right, clients will line up at your door.

There are times when a client needs other resources in order to understand that you are well-equipped, educated, and that you know what you’re doing. If they question your suggested selling price, for instance, listen to their concerns, and thoroughly go over the  comparative market analysis you’ve prepared in terms they will understand. When a first-time buyer feels overwhelmed with lots of new information, sit down with them in shorter sessions and discuss each aspect as it’s coming up in the purchase process. Between your knowledge and resources that can be put in your clients’ hands, their confidence will soar.

There is no match for a good reputation, and in this age of online reviews, your reputation will precede you.  Make sure that a potential client has no doubts about trusting you with their home sale or purchase! Serving your client, and serving them well, is key to making your business and character stand out in the crowd!

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