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Chase Away The Work-At-Home Blues

While some have been working from home for some time, many are new to the practice. A lot of employees suddenly found themselves sitting in front of their computers at home, trying to find a routine and get as much accomplished in their new offices. It may have been exciting at first, but now, it is become difficult to get motivated. What can you do to get over the hump and get back into your normally productive work ethic? We have some tips for you.

  • Is your workspace in an area where you can get some sunshine? Working in a corner or darker part of your home can make you feel depressed. Move your office to a sunny room or by a window.
  • Were you already working from home but normally work in a coffee or tea shop, you might find yourself missing that background noise. The Coffitivity app can help with that! Other white noise/music options to help you stay on task:  Office Sounds video, and Noisli allows you to create a custom background noise mix for free, (requires an account).
  • If you would rather listen to music, use your favorite streaming platform to find music from the Baroque period (think Bach or Vivaldi) or quiet ambient music. Studies show that instrumental music is best for productivity because we get distracted by lyrics.
  • Make it a priority to connect with your colleagues. Taking a remote lunch break together or collaborating on a project will keep you and others from feelings of isolation.
  • If you have difficulty making yourself take breaks while working, The Pomodoro Technique may be what you need to stay productive while giving your mind and body a break from the task at hand.
  • The need to stay in touch with coworkers or your boss is important, but it can be stressful with remote working.  Give everyone a heads up about needing to focus and switch your smartphone to silent and mute Slack or other work apps you may be using.
  • Are you working from home with a roommate, partner, or spouse? Putting a few rules in place about work time, where you both will work (you may have to take turns using the dining table for an office), and respecting one another’s work time will help keep the relationship from some tense moments. Remember to have a little fun together during the day as well!

Balancing work life and home life while at home may be challenging, but you simply need to remember to take care of yourself. If you are feeling isolated or overwhelmed in any way, reach out to a friend or colleague. At Virtual Real Estate Support, we understand how working from home can become tedious and isolating. We are in this together!