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Maintaining Your Blog

You know that your blog is essential for sharing information with your clients, past and present, as well as sharing useful information with the community. To keep your articles relevant, there are some things you need to check regularly, so let’s get that blog cleaned up and shining with these tips!

Scroll through your blog and make sure you have your posts in specific categories. If you’ve added categories as you add new content, check older articles and add the new categories if they’re relevant.

Things to Do/Event posts either need to be removed or at least updated with the correct information if it’s a recurring event. When people share your posts or articles, they don’t always pay attention to the dates and other specific info.

When you write an informative blog article, you’ll likely have linked content throughout. Unfortunately, the internet changes every day, and some of those articles or websites may have disappeared into the internet black hole. Scanning a couple of older articles every week and checking the links you’ve added, and if they’re no longer available, find a new website that will work, and edit your article.

A busy week means less time for blogging. Bring some of your older and more popular articles back to life by reposting them or share them on your social media platforms. If the content is timeless, there’s nothing bad about reaching back instead of creating something new.

Is blogging something that intimidates you, either because you don’t feel like you write well enough or simply don’t have time? At Virtual Real Estate Support, we offer well-written, real estate-relevant blog content, as well as helping you maintain your blog. Contact us via email, or give us a call 757-282-6496 so we can share examples of our work, then get started on bringing you blog to a top-notch part of your website!

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