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Making an Impression on Your Clients

Customer service isn’t always a counter with a sign and a company representative; customer service can simply be a way of treating clients and reinforcing their decision in choosing you as their Realtor®. How can you add to your professional wow factor? Follow these tips and ideas:

  • First and foremost, your appearance is the best impression you can make!  Looking professional can depend on your locale, like nice jeans and a blazer for bringing a prospective buyer to look at a ranch, or a fashionable ensemble in showing luxury clients around.  Just remember to look neat and clean, no matter your wardrobe.
  • Buyers who are making a “new city move” will need to know everything about their new city, and while some will eventually get out and about, it’s good to offer them a guide of your favorite places to dine, services offered, and major community activities and events.
  • Keep a networking database of past clients who have businesses or offer services, so when current clientele need something, you can open your database and connect them with local people.
  • Once again, you may be selling someone a house, but you’re selling the locations as well.  Have some panoramic or drone shots of the area’s scenic places on a gallery wall–it’s just one way to help someone fall in love with your region.
  • After the papers are signed and the clients start packing, keep their move-in date in mind, and have some flowers on the kitchen counter to welcome them when they walk through the door, and have dinner delivered, or bring it yourself.  They wouldn’t be in their new home if not for you, and they will appreciate and remember the gesture.
  • When selling a home, making sure you offer the sellers top-notch photos of their home, marketing videos and virtual tours of their house.
  • Offer the lister resources for any improvements they may need to make, in booklet form and in an informative email with links to your website and home-selling blog articles.
  • When meeting at a potential client’s home, and they have children, bring an age-appropriate game or fun snack to help keep them occupied.  Parents are always impressed when others think about their children.
  • Technology, in all its daily uses, is still impressive when making a presentation to the possible clients.  Save your seller presentation to a tablet or laptop, and use it to show off your high-quality listing photos and other marketing strategies you use.  Have printed information ready to give to them as you leave.
  • Once a house is sold, just as you would for a new homeowner, have dinner delivered to the seller’s home so they don’t have to worry about dinner once packing has begun, or have a cleaning service clean their home after the move, so they have one less thing to do.  

Once you gain a client’s trust, it’s important to maintain the relationship for smooth transactions. Making extra effort for the little things is easy when you have a virtual assistant handling the big things. You want to be memorable for making the sale or purchase of their home easier and more pleasant, as their impression can lead to new clients and leads. Call us at 757-282-6496 or email us today so we can help you make an imprint on your next client!

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