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Real Estate Agents and Local Marketing

Anyone who has a Facebook account has likely said “It’s a small world,” more than once, but at the same time, Facebook and other social media platforms have become global phenomena, and it’s not as easy to find local information, events, or simply things to do.  Posts to your blog, social media posts, and websites that are locally-based are just a few ways to keep your name and expertise on the minds of those in your community, as well as those who are ready to relocate to your area. 

Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are all social media platforms that most every real estate agent is familiar with, and we are skilled in scheduling and posting listings, your latest blogs and market information.  Knowing that your social media marketing is being done right and at the right time, so your online presence reaches as many people as possible offers you peace of mind! 

Lesser known–but just as important–social media websites like ParkBench, and NextDoor shine a spotlight on specific neighborhoods and communities.  We can help you use your local knowledge on these websites, and any others, by setting up your accounts, and managing your content by posting and monitoring any contacts. 

With the forthcoming shutdown of Google+, Google My Business is a great–and free–way to get your verified business info on Google’s Knowledge Graph on search results pages, as well as pin your location on Google Maps.  Don’t worry yourself with having more content to take care of–that’s our job.  Not only will we set up your Google account, we can share listings and local events that will drive leads your way!  

When it comes to blogging, using local happenings is a great way to add content, as well as information about schools, shopping, dining and anything else that makes your locale special.  We take the time to research and gather all the great aspects of your area and keep blogs and your website current with all that local information.  

Don’t let social media marketing bog down your precious time.  Our team is ready and able to manage your accounts and content, freeing you to meet with clients, make calls, and close deals!

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