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Relieving Stress

When you have a busy week with new listings, offers written and negotiated, multiple showings scheduled, an office meeting, a potential seller needs a phone call returned, and your son has the lead in the school play and two baseball games…well, the list could be even longer, and it’s stressful just to read!  Reducing stress in your life isn’t only beneficial to your mental well-being, it will improve your working life!

Taking “coffee breaks” throughout the workday sounds cliché, but a few minutes of respite sprinkled here and there are necessary to help you relax and think, especially on stressful days. Soaking in a little sunshine is a great way to let your mind be still, and it increases serotonin levels, making you feel happier.  So, grab a bottle of water, and sit outside twice a day.

Multitasking seems to be the norm these days, but studies have shown that working on more than one task at a time can cause more tension.  Create a weekly or daily to-do list, and once you’ve begun working on one item, don’t start another until the first one is checked off. You’ll find that you will make fewer mistakes, work at a faster pace, and the quality of your work will improve.  Single-tasking sounds like a stress-reducer, doesn’t it?!

Going on vacation is a great way to wind down and recharge yourself.  Taking off more than a couple of days during the busiest time of year isn’t practical, however, but you need time for yourself.  Plan a midweek day off; a spa day may be just what you need, and family time is important, so a matinee and lunch with the kids may be in order, or simply a day spent at home. Work/life balance is essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

When you’re feeling anxious over too much work and too little down time, it may be time to get in touch with a virtual assistant to help relieve some of that anxiety.  We offer listing management, CRM, as well as your social media marketing, and so much more! When we are working behind the scenes for you, it’s not just a relief to your workload, it gives you an opportunity to put work aside so you can relax and recharge. Call 757-282-6496 today, or contact us for more details about how we can help you help yourself!

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