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Stay in Touch!

“Stay in touch!” is a phrase that is said by many, but for a real estate agent, it’s extremely important to have some contact with past clients, as you never know when they’ll need you again, or refer you to someone who needs you.  Keep that relationship going with these tips:

  • The most important thing in customer relations is making their experience memorable–in a good way–so they’ll welcome any contact from you.  The majority of home sellers and buyers will be repeat customers, so establishing a great relationship is key.
  • Reaching out to check up on recent clients a few months after the official business is finished is a nice way to say hello, see if there’s anything you help them with or get some referrals together for them.
  • Send a card, postcard or another small marketing gift during an “off” time of year, like mid-Winter or the beginning of Summer.  Yours won’t get lost in an onslaught of holiday cards or other busy times of the year.
  • Reminders via email are great easy ways to reach out:  simple but informative graphics about Daylight Savings Time, Fire Safety Month, or tax tips are all perfect for a bulk campaign.
  • Anniversaries are important, but the one you should remember is your clients’ home-buying anniversary! They may be so busy with work and family; they forget the date.  A simple (but personal!) note offering them a happy home anniversary and thanking them for choosing you is certainly a memorable way to keep in touch.
  • Send news they can use!  If they subscribe to your blog, make sure you write about subjects relevant to homeowners and include tips about selling a home for those who may be considering moving.
  • If past clients have their own business, be sure to refer new clients, friends, and family to them.  
  • Be sure to keep your social media current and invite clients to follow you!  If you “friend” someone on your personal page, create a friends list with specific categories, and it makes it easy to share the real estate information you share with former clients.

Whichever way you choose to stay in touch, having a virtual assistant taking care of your CRM, social media and email newsletters will free your time for making personal phone calls or paying visits to former clients. Get in touch with us at Virtual Real Estate Support, so you can stay in touch with others! 

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