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Tips To Ensure Your Listing Photos Will Sell Your Home

We’ve all seen the terrible listing photos around the internet: piles of dirty clothes on the master bed, a bathtub with shampoo bottles filling the tub’s edge, a kitchen counter so cluttered that you can’t see the surface. There are times when there’s no other option, an “as-is” sale, for example, but you certainly want your listings to look their best!

The exterior shot is important, and as a bonus, ask the current owner if they have any seasonal photos of the exterior. What a great way to show the house off in a layer of snow or when Spring flowers are bursting, and wow house hunters. Another tip for exterior shots: be sure to remove the window screens, if possible, for extra sparkle.

Speaking of windows, check to see what’s outside if you’re shooting towards the window for interior shots. You don’t want the neighbor’s project car in the adjacent driveway to be the only thing buyers notice in the photo. Except for a natural view or an amazing cityscape, taking the photo from a different vantage point that doesn’t focus on the window is best.

Using a professional-grade camera isn’t always necessary, and your smartphone can be used if you take advantage of the options your phone has. Pixelz Blog shares some great tips for using inexpensive accessories and camera apps and take your smartphone photos to a higher level.

Many Realtors® today are utilizing advanced technology such as 3D cameras and 3D software to create models and virtual tours. Staging software and photo editing can be done by a pro for a fee, or you can learn the basics and DIY. Realtor Magazine® offers some pointers for best practice whenever you edit or virtually stage your photos, so follow them to the letter.

Once the listing photo session is over, and you find you don’t have time to get one or more listings completed, give us a call at Virtual Real Estate Support 757-282-6496, or send an email to set up an appointment. Our experience in creating real estate listings is extensive, and we will work to be certain your listing gets noticed!


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