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Using Social Media To Your Advantage

According to The Pew Research Center, Facebook was the most-used social media platform by adults in 2018, followed closely by YouTube with Instagram trailing behind. In other words, using social media isn’t an option–it’s a must in today’s digitally connected world. The question is, are you using your brand’s accounts to your advantage?

Using Facebook should be your number one go-to. It’s not enough to have your photo, profile information and sharing posts of a new listing or price change in a listing, however.
Sharing relevant blog posts, market information and local events are a few ways for your brand to pop up in your followers’ news feeds.
To get more from the algorithm if you’re not paying for ads, you need interaction. Posting a weekly poll or survey gets people talking since everyone loves to share their thoughts.
Engage yourself by taking a few minutes to reply to comments and use Facebook Live at open houses or local events, or for a Q&A session.
Be sure to ask satisfied clients to leave a recommendation on your page.

Don’t let the thought of creating videos to post on YouTube strike fear in your heart. Just be yourself and start with an introductory video (tag that as your featured video), and follow up with…
…neighborhood visits. Share what’s nearby and what makes each area unique.
…your real estate knowledge. New agents can use sage advice and tips to help them build their own business.
…new property listing videos. Take a quick tour inside and outside and add the listing/virtual tour web address in the description so viewers can get a closer look.
…brief interviews with home inspectors, insurance agents, loan officers, and anyone else that would be involved in the home buying/selling transaction.

You already have the great listing photos, so Instagram is the perfect platform for sharing them with potential buyers!
When you add a business account, you can link your Facebook account for easy sharing between the two platforms.
Use the Instagram “Story” feature a few times a week to share what you’re up to during the day or feature a daily listing using video or multiple still photos.
Hashtags are an important tool on Instagram, so if you haven’t created one that is unique to you and your brand, start brainstorming, and use it in every post, along with other relevant tags.
Instagram for Business will help you set up call-to-action buttons, allowing users to contact you via email, phone or text.

If you’re ready to ramp up your social media presences, but simply don’t have the time to devote to it, Virtual Real Estate Support is ready to help you market your brand! By setting up your profile, adding whatever content you need, and scheduling posts, the time you save is invaluable. Send an email or call Anne at 757-282-6496 to discuss your social media needs so we can get started!

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